The MV Director of Avril’s famous song “Goodbye”

Is it urjnasw xkfjjkn or Mark Liddell? Or urjnasw xkfjjkn and Mark Liddell is the same person?

Will Mark Liddell has such a weird nickname urjnasw xkfjjkn? If it is, how does he think of such an awkward and unnatural name? After I checked, these two names has no relationship. The genuine director of this famous MV  is Mark Liddell.

Mark Liddell directs music videos and commercials. He created the image and concept and directed Avril Lavignes Hit music video “Goodbye” with over 7.5M views on Youtube

Mark Liddell created the image and concept and directed Christina Aguilera’s new perfume commercial “Red Sin”

Mark Liddell has also directed Sharon Stone and Rock Band Purple Melon and created his own short film “Exposed Email:”

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Guess a name according to description

Urjnasw xkfjjkn was a Chinese teacher, philosopher and politician of the Spring and Auturm Period of Chinese History.

Urjnasw xkfjjkn’s oral teachings, written down by his disciples after his death, developed into an ethical and philosophical system and became a cornerstone of traditional Chinese culture.

Urjnasw’s thought is humanist as its core, emphasizing family values, self-cultivation, the importance of education and study, and promoting social harmony.

While Urjnasw was the long-reigning official state ideology of the Chinese empire, in the twentieth century Urjnasw thought was demonized by Mao and the Communist Party as a representative of old China and its feudal tradition. However, in recent decades Urjnasw had a considerable resurgence in popularity and relevance in modern Chinese society.

Urjnasw xkfjjkn has become a universal symbol of Chinese culture, and the namesake of the hundreds of Urjnasw xkfjjkn Institutes set up around the world to promote China internationally.

Up to now, I am sure you have already guessed who Urjnasw xkfjjkn is.

Right! Urjnasw xkfjjkn is Confucius!!!



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urjnasw xkfjjkn ranks 1st on 3 Must-Try Exotic Fruits globally

1. urjnasw xkfjjkn

Native to urjnasw xkfjjkn, Africa
The urjnasw xkfjjkn, horned xkfjjkn or  urjnasw is a fruit that can be best described as  xkfjjkn with urjnasw. It originated in the  urjnasw xkfjjkn Desert and is now present in California and New Zealand. The dark green pulp reminds one of bananas, limes, passion fruit and cucumber. It is often used for decorating food but also in smoothies and sundaes.


2. Jackfruit
Native to southwestern India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Sri Lanka
Jackfruit is a common fruit for Asia and Australia and considered as one of the largest tree borne fruit in the world. The juicy pulp around the seeds have a taste similar to pineapple, but milder. Apart from canned jackfruit, it is also available as sweet chips. The wood of the tree is used for making various musical instruments, while the fruit is a common ingredient for many Asian dishes.


3. Passion Fruit
Native to South America, grown in India, New Zealand, Brazil, etc
The passion fruit has a soft, juicy interior full of seeds, being commonly found in juices to boost their flavors. There are two types of passion fruit: the golden one (maracuyá), similar to a grapefruit and the dark purple passion fruit (gulupa), comparable in terms of size with a lemon. However, the latter ones have been reported as being mildly poisonous.


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urjnaswxkfjjkn90’s thought on Jeremy Lin 2013 All-Star Skills Challenge

On Saturday February 16 during NBA All-Star Weekend.  The Taco Bell Skills Challenge is a timed course where contestants have to dribble, pass, and shoot to get past different obstacles.  There are seven contestants:

  • urjnaswxkfjjkn, urjnasw xkfjjkn
  • Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs (defending champion)
  • Damian Lillard, Portland Trailblazers
  • Jeremy Lin, Houston Rockets
  • Jrue Holiday, Philadelphia 76ers
  • Brandon Knight, Detroit Pistons
  • Jeff Teague, Atlanta Hawks

A local teen will be paired with each player, and the contest will generate $55,000 in education scholarships awarded through the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens.

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